Women tear each other’s hair out in vicious brawl in children’s park as onlookers egg them on


 Two women were filmed having a brutal fight near a children’s play park as onlookers egged them on yelling “use your fists”.

The pair were filmed slapping, kicking and ripping out each other’s hair in the vicious fight while children look on.

As well as people watching the brawl, bystanders shouted encouragement to the fighting women.

The two-minute video, which was posted on Facebook, shows a young woman in a red cardigan pulling out lumps of her middle-aged rival’s hair with both hands.

A man is seen struggling to pull them apart while the older woman in a black and white floral dress screams “get her off me”.

Her opponent calls her a “smelly, dirty, junkie b****” before lifting up her top and slapping her own belly.

The younger woman then bizarrely taunts her even more by picking up clumps of the her red hair, rubbing them on her crotch and sniffing them.

This prompts the second woman to blast: “You dirty k******.”

The women grabbed each other’s hair in the catfight

Video Link : http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/women-tear-each-others-hair-10654810But then the lady in red suddenly turns on an innocent bystander using a crutch and slaps him across the face.

And despite even this, the crowd still does nothing to help.

As the two women go back to fighting, witnesses continue to egg them on and crowd shouts: “That’s it, give it to her. Give it to her. Use your fists.”

The video has since clocked up more than 65,000 times views, with most people voicing disgust at the duo’s actions.

The women had a fight in a children’s park (Photo: DRN)

Debra Caveney wrote: “That’s horrible. Why didn’t no one stop them? They seem to have problems. So much in the world, people hurting each other.”

Dee Scott said: “She hit that old man for nothing. I would’ve jumped in. Hate bullies.”

Mishelle Love added: “Besides a play park. Disgusting.”

A spokesman for Ireland’s Garda said the force could not confirm whether the incident had been reported.


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