Eid: What is the problem of knowing the date of science?

The moon
Image captionof the new moon, depending on the date of Eid

When will the largest religious festival of Muslims in Bangladesh be Eid-ul-Fitr? Like every year, people have the same question in mind.

On the evening of the twenty-seventh roast, that is, the meeting of the National Moon meeting committee on Sunday will be confirmed after the decision. Historically this is happening.

But the astronomers have already pulled it out as soon as it will be fasting, twenty-four, Eid will be on Monday.

They even know the exact date of each Eid Day date, starting every Hijri month till 2025.

The founder president of the Bangladesh Astronomical Society and late Professor Anwarur Rahman of the University of Dhaka Physics has calculated the speed of the moon till 2025.

Till then, every Eid of Eid, now known to astronomers when the start of every Hijri month.

The Society’s vice-president, Munir Hasan, told the BBC: “We are saying that the new moon will be born on Saturday, but the moon will not be seen, because its illuminating part is so low that it will not be seen in our eyes. There will be more than 14%, so that it can be seen in the naked eye “.

“It’s not just about the moon but we can tell you when the next solar eclipse will take place, when the next lunar eclipse will be done.” It is easy to calculate, it can be removed by calculation. ”

But, every year, Eid comes in the minds of people, the Eid will not be done after the fasting of 30 fasts, or thirty fasts will be the last Eid. The answer to this question is as follows:

A Malaysian Muslim is trying to see Eid moon in the sky on the telescope
Image captiontelescopes to see the moon in the sky, trying to Eid, a Muslim Malaysia

Because the national moon sighting committee will arrive in the evening that evening, and by the time of a meeting, the month will be in the thirty days or 30 days.

And the only method used by them is to see the moon in the eye. That is, a reliable person of this moon-looking committee will be seen to see the moon on its own from Bangladesh’s territory.

But where the certainty of astronomical predictions about the day before by the scientific calculations, why wait until the last day?

Moon watchers committee member and national mosque Baitul Mukarram’s acting Khatib Mizanur Rahman said, “If there is a possibility of 1% getting them wrong, then what do we do? Then we must rely on our views.”

Mr. Rahman says, since Eid, fasting, Hijri month etc., according to the rules of Islam, they will do it according to religious instructions, that is the rule.

Although the Astronomical Society has stated in their press release that the moon is about to rise on Sunday evening, but here they are using the word “probability” without using the word “sure”, keeping in mind the issue of the Islamic rule.

Although the Society’s Munir Hassan says that they have never been proved wrong since the beginning of the reckoning, hopefully they will not be wrong in the future.

But it is also right, if you know nowadays, every year till 2025 or so many years, there is a tension between each Eid-ul-Fitr.

Rather, it is a pleasant matter to know about the Eid day after watching the moon in our eyes in the evening of the twenty-first roja.

Eid day pictureImage captionPhoto of the congregation of the day of Eid. (File photo)


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