Hurricane Irma sucks sea from Florida beach in rare natural phenomenon


Before the water rushes in, it disappears.

Tampa Bay, Florida, is expected to see potentially catastrophic flooding on Sunday as Hurricane Irma roars into the city, but Irma’s vastness and intensely low pressure have vacuumed water away from parts of Florida’s western coast ahead of the coming inundation.

That doesn’t mean there’s going to be a tsunami in Tampa Bay, but it does show just how strong this storm is — and, once the water returns, you still won’t want to be caught standing in what is usually the bay.

But, as people do, some folks ventured out anyway.

Irma already flooded the streets of Miami on Sunday, even though the city sits on Florida’s southeast coast — away from the main force of the storm. Tampa is on the state’s west coast, where Irma is expected to do greater damage.


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