PAYERA from its structure is pretty similar to the most successful e-commerce enterprise in the Asian region

PAYERA: The payment platform with wallet and exchanger

that enables tradesmen and private individuals to experience safe crypto shopping.

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1. Guidelines for the PAYERA buyers’ and sellers’ protection are transparent and simple. Established providers usually need a long processing time and are based on a protection program that only protects physical goods. Crypto-based services only serve as a payment system and don’t offer any security against potential criminals. PAYERA offers extended consumer protection for physical and virtual purchases as well as services.

2. Due to high fraud risk, most providers require many documents which slows down the refund. Holding times of four or more weeks are not unusual. Should an issue arise, we will find a simple solution for both parties (buyer/seller) and refund the payment immediately after solving the issue.

3. We will offer an easy solution for issues that may arise. The parties will have the opportunity to clarify the problem in a live chat within a selfmediated discussion for the time being. If there is no solution reached, we offer the option to involve our clearing mediators as a third party and to chat in real-time. Our task is to solve conflicts straightforward and promptly. Should a mediator be involved, the offender will be responsible to pay a fee of 1% of the merchandise value.

4. We will give buyers the opportunity to rate the seller after a completed purchase. The seller can reach different rankings in the system depending on his success rate. With good ratings he has some advantages like an immediate paying out and lower fees.

5. Users can send coins in the wallet free of charge. Additionally, the private user can transform his user account into a business account. Providing wallet transactions free of charge, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund or guarantee.

6. For the seller’s protection we will exclude buyers who repeatedly receive negative feedback from further purchases. Naturally, prior to this we will first throroughly investigate the case to verify the facts before taking such steps to exclude the buyer.

7. While other suppliers charge a fee between 2.9% and 5% of the total purchase, PAYERA only demands 1% -and, depending on the seller’s ranking, it could be even less.

8. Charity: A percentage of the fees will automatically be desposited into a donation pot that will be evenly divided according to continents. After a predetermined total amount has been collected, our PAYERA foundation team will fly, regardless of religion or nationality, into any needy region for support. It is planned, – according to the local situation – to build schools and water wells and supply school materials to support the education of the children as needed in each locale. So, as a PAYERA user you will be automatically contributing to the charity.

9. Recommendation Program: When you promote a seller, we will reward you for a lifetime for any through your recommended seller sold article on our platform. A certain percentage of the fees made on each sale will go automatically into your wallet. The seller registration must be activated through your personal link or your profile name. The recommendation program has a positive impact on the economic growth of the sellers, private individuals and for PAYERA too. We would say it is a win-win-situation.

10.From time to time there will be votes between the users. They will decide which other cryptocurrencies should be listed in the wallet. Additionally, an exchanger will be integrated. The exchange solution will give the users the opportunity to change coins free of charge or to change them into Fiat.

11.You can log-in to your wallet with your finger print, via face recognition or a pin code. PAYERA has no access to your user account as you are the holder of your own private key.

The first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure Multifunctional solution


PAYERA from its structure is pretty similar to the most successful e-commerce enterprise in the Asian region, but much easier to handle. Combined with SHOP- & CARDERA we offer a multifunctional solution which does not exist on the crypto market yet.

We will build upon on the best attributes cryptocurrencies have to offer -very fast transactions and low fees- to enable sellers to market to the worldwide growing audience of crypto users. This project, with all its features and yet impressive in its simplicity, will be an incredible and unique product for the crypto world that can be funded through venture capital investments.



Allows merchants and private sellers to offer their services and goods in the crypto market securely.

Do it easy rather than complicated:

  •  Log-in
  •  snap a picture
  •  set the price
  •  a brief description
and your advertisement will be online. Through a location setup (optional) you can locate which article is for sale in your close proximity, and of course, you have the opportunity to pay with Fiat in the shop


A crypto payment card should not be missing of course.

Get your crypto-payment-card for everyday use to gain your flexibility even offline.The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet and you have the ability to make purchases or withdraw Fiat-money at ATMs as you are used to, except that you use the coins in your PAYERA wallet therefore.




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