EtherInc (eInc) a new fork of the Ethereum blockchain for Organizations.

EtherInc’s ETI coin will fuel its blockchain similar to how ETH fuels the Ethereum Network.

eInc is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain that found the latter to be inadequate for transaction times, gas prices, etc. The EtherInc blockchain is designed to offer the best of both worlds, including decentralization plus higher bandwidth that global organizations command. As a fork of the Ethereum network, any dApp running on Ethereum can similarly be run on eInc.

Website :

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Website :

 White Paper Analysis

In its white paper, eInc points to a startup community that’s in need of transformation, particularly as it relates to cross-border management teams, where the compliance costs associated with incorporation can be restricting. They are looking to support the tens of millions of startups that are forced to shut down for any number of reasons such as:

  • “Different country-specific compliances and regulations create friction”
  • “Heavy incorporation costs, prohibitive legal fees, high transaction charges, etc”
  • “Costs involved in updating, managing and safeguarding company finances”
  • “Difficult procedure of conflict resolution”
  • “Complicated process of partner inclusion or exclusion”
  • “Angel Investors And VC’s have become discerning, while mechanisms like Crowdfunding and ICOs have earned a bad name due to numerous scams”

eInc has ambitious plans to decentralize the startup community and guide them through fundraising events such as crowdsales while removing the barriers to cross-border partnerships and business.


White Paper | Onepager | EtherInc Summary | Disclaimer

eInc Organizations structure

eInc Organization is a smart contract with predefined protocol (eInc protocol) and running on EtherInc blockchain, every eInc has a unique name and will be maintained by eIncNS (eInc organizations name service) smart contract.

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  1. Create eInc Organizations: ETI coin can be used to deploy eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain, eIncNS for registry of eInc organizations.
  2. Create Proposals: ETI coin can be used to create proposals like “Issue Shares, Appoint CEO and others” for eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain.
  3. Vote on Proposals: ETI coin can be used to vote on proposals / execute proposals for eInc organization on EtherInc blockchain.
  4. Pay Salary: ETI coin can be used to pay salary by creating “Salary/Payment” proposal and pass that proposal in order to pay salary.

Use of ETI Coins
The crypto-fuel for the EtherInc Blockchain, ETI coins, which form the transactional backbone of the EtherInc Blockchain can be used in many ways.

Picture Source: enic whitepaper

The Official Presentation


Behind the team


EtherInc Coinsale

Growth Opportunity

  • EtherInc has a live product and apps. They launched Mainnet (7 nodes) and Ropsten (3 nodes) test networks back in February 2018 and will be distributing MainNet ETI coins during the ICO. Many ICO projects have yet to develop an actual product at the time of the token sale and are relying on funds not yet raised to do so. EtherInc is several steps ahead in this regard. (+4)
  • Supports dApps that are running on the Ethereum network (+2)
  • eInc boasts a deep bench of talent in its management team and impressive advisory panel. (+2)
  • eInc appears to have a unique understanding of the hurdles that startups face, and its turnkey solution could enable more entrepreneurs to succeed in a decentralized world. (+2)

EtherInc Public Chanel

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