“Different Promising Environment” Decentralizing waste management (Swachhcoin ICO Review)

Introducing Swachhcoin Project

Waste management is a serious problem in many parts of the world. Improper disposal of waste can cause a lot of environmental, ecological and healthcare issues. Swachhcoin intends to change the way by which the waste management industry works by using the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, adaptive intelligence, big data and other technologies.

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The main aim of Swachhcoin is to address the issue dealing with the so much waste that is created and also to increase the efficiency and profitability of the waste management industry.

SwachhCoin aims to develop a broad platform to transform waste to energy. It will combine conventional waste management energy generation processes and modern techniques, enabling them to increase their efficiency by using coming of age technologies.

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Technology and Tools

Swachhcoin is an effort to align Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things with Blockchain technology so that anyone and everyone can contribute and tackle the biggest challenge that we are facing around the globe.


Swachh Adaptive Intelligence: Refers to the customized application of Adaptive Intelligence technology to increase the efficiency in operations, specifically in the processing of the waste to produce the desired output by making equipments ‘intelligent’.


Swachh Big data: Refers to the customized application of Big Data to enable integration of advanced methods during transportation, collection, and distribution of various inputs and outputs as well as automated machinery decision based on past experience.


Swachh Internet of Things: Refers to the customized application of Internet of Things to enable complete remote access and control of indoor and outdoor waste processing equipment and thus enable dramatic increase in efficiency.


Swachh Bin: Refers to the customized waste collection bins designed by Swachhcoin having various features like but not limited to, automatic opening and closing lid, linked user identity database, reward distribution, integrated waste separation etc.


Blockchain  developed in 2008, is a distributed ledger which is a continuously growing records on what is termed as ‘blocks‘ consisting of peer to peer transaction. The technology has been claimed by many to be the biggest invention in the digital world since that of world wide web. It has vast number of application throughout many industries. One of the major application being the advent of crypto currencies.

How Its Works

How are we different ?

The platform offered by Swachhcoin is unique in number of ways. Currently there are other waste
management platform but none of them are as broad and as technically advanced as Swachhcoin.
Some of the features which makes us unique are:

  • Users are given monetary incentive to manage their waste ,whereas, traditionally people used to pay for their waste to be collected from their homes.
  • The range of outputs produced after processing the waste are over Twenty.
  • Leveraging not one, but four most advanced technologies i.e. AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain.
  • Freedom to sell and buy produced output in both Fiat and Tokens.
  • Apart from profit making business model, our platform has integrated autonomous philanthropy mechanism.


The above mentioned key featured makes this platform better than any other available and years of research, correct partnerships and development gives us edge over any developing platform in this domain.


Swachhcoin aims to create a global, decentralised waste management ecosystem majorly comprising of industries and domestic households. Creation of such a network will enable deployment of an extensive infrastructure which will provide the necessary impetus for proper waste management. The planet that we live in is at every moment progressing towards an inevitable day when it will become inhabitable for human life. This is largely due to unjustified and uncontrolled exploitation of resources and irresponsible discard of used material without a
properly implemented damage control policy in place. Swachhcoin is a mission to change the way people perceive waste by proving them that it is the greatest untapped resource available to mankind. Swachhcoin strives to implement a monetary incentivising mechanism where people are rewarded for proper waste management. This will over a period of time inculcate the habit of proper waste management amongst all. Apart from contributing for the betterment of the surrounding, this platform with the help of multiple advanced technologies makes the waste
processing extremely profitable for the waste management industries, thus catalysing widespread adoption and network growth.


The problems related to global waste management are uncountable. Some of them are:

Excessive Generation: Generation of wastes has been an acute problem for a long time now. Quoting the World Bank report, The United States is single handedly responsible for generating 250 million tons of wastes annually. Evidently it has the highest per-capita waste generation amounting to about 4.6 pounds per day.. Considering these figures, an average citizen in the United States disposes 1,200 pounds of wastes a year. These discarded wastes could be potential compost material and be kept out of landfills. Since the 60’s, the quantities of wastes generated
have tripled leaving us with a bigger burden. Day in day out, the USA throws as much wastes as to fill around 60,000 garbage trucks. The severity of the problem seems acute when we extrapolate the data from the USA to the rest of the world. Quoting the report again, the per-capita waste disposal is expected to rise up to 1.5 kilograms per day by 2025. Considering today’s average of 1.2 kilograms per day, this is a significant 25% increase.

Landfill Issue: Leachate and emissions of the harmful greenhouse gases are frequently associated with Landfills. A closer look at the qualitative contents of the wastes produced reveals that most materials that end up as wastes contain toxic materials. Gradually these toxic substances precipitate and leach out of the soil, eventually entering the groundwater and rendering them hazardous and unfit for consumption for years to come. The organic materials, compacted as a result of this, are covered down without being exposed to soil. This affects the natural aerobic process of decomposition by inhibiting oxygen through the covering of organic substances. This contributes to the production of inflammable, unwanted and harmful greenhouse house gases like Methane which are lethal to living organisms.

Toxicity Waste:  Tons of toxic wastes produced each year, amounting to around 440 million tons, gives us a sneak-peek into a much bigger problem. An average American produces about 3200 pounds of hazardous wastes. These include all sorts of materials – liquids, solids, contained gases, sludge, discarded commercial products like pesticides and cleaning fluids and byproducts of manufacturing processes. Uranium seems to be a rather common toxic pollutant with the United States having billions of gallons of it’s groundwater polluted by it. Studies in the US have revealed presence of 63.5 million tons of radioactive material, of which Uranium derived from spent nuclear
fuel being the most prominent, buried in landfills, trenches and unlined tanks.

Organised mismanagement: Ever since waste-management has evolved into a profit making venture, people who opined in favour of safe and effective waste-management techniques have been outmatched by new industries waiting to invest in this business. Every industry, inclusive of the waste-management sector, has been a victim of organized corruption – either controlled by certain individuals or through systematic looting. These corporations have no regard for environmental impacts and do not seem to understand the severity of the issue.

Lots of Plastics:  Around 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year which is equivalent to five grocery bags of plastic trash for every foot of coastline around the globe. Only 9 percent has been recycled. The vast majority – 79 percent – is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter and at a point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink.

Proposed Solution

It is not a hidden fact that the global waste management problem we face cannot be tackled by a handful of people or organisations. The willingness and contribution of mass population is key in successfully achieving our objective. The best way to encourage people to properly manage their wastes will be to incentivize them monetarily for proper waste disposal and raise their awareness about the issue. This is the core of the proposed solution Swachhcoin offers. Also, it is scientifically proven fact that the amount of high-economic-value outputs that can be obtained from the
accumulated wastes is tremendously reduced due to various types of waste being intermixed, thus degrading the unique property/individuality of the same. Swachhcoin will implement waste segregation at source in SwBINS to eliminate this problem. The traditionally running waste management industries have poor infrastructure and the archaic technologies available to them greatly limits their operational abilities. Swachhcoin will completely eliminate this problem and take the technological abilities of the company to the state of the art level, thus increasing their
profits significantly. There will be additional revenue generated from deploying technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain since they will increase operational efficiencies and productivity while also improving the output quality, thus the additional capital invested in upgradation is also justified. The cost of these additional investment will also be covered from ways that are currently absent in this sector such as revenue obtained from advertisement. Existing waste management companies will be provided with complete business plan, including a break even point, based on the past research and development along with active onsite survey. This process will help us cross over the adoption barrier.


Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), Neo (NEO), Binance Coin (BNB), KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Total Supply: 400 Million
No of Tokens for Sale: 276 Million
Token Protocol: ERC20

1. In order to ensure your participation in token sale, register for whitelist without fail.
2. Overall Token Sale Soft Cap is 5 Million USD.
3. Prices fixed for various accepted currencies will be announced at the time of token sale.
4. Distribution of tokens will be done within 7 days of end of token sale
5. Recommended ERC20 wallets to receive tokens: MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist.
6. Token sale will end as soon as the Hard Cap is reached even if all the tokens have not been sold.
7. Token sale may also end as soon as Allocated tokens are sold even if hard cap is not reached.


Token Allocation


Token Economy


Token Utility

Some of the major utility or use cases of Swachhcoin are

1. Receiving reward for proper waste disposal.
2. Buying output(s) produced by waste processing industry.
3. Paying for availing decentralised advertisement services
4. With wider acceptance, Swachh tokens will also be used for micro payments at increasing
number of merchants at various geographic locations globally.
5. Token holder can use their tokens to donate funds to the partnered organisation of Swachhcoin’s interest, in a fair and transparent manner via Blockchain thus eliminating the chance of possible leakage and corruption. Donations can also be made for special causes at specific times, like in the event of a natural disaster, etc.
6. Token Holder will be able to use their tokens to exercise voting rights on the platforms, including taking part in decisions related to top tier management.
7. Raise a proposal to add an organisation in the list of NGOs that receives philanthropic funding from Swachhcoin.


ICO Review

ICO Rating

Rural Welfare Program

We plan to setup a waste storage facility, initially in a few villages and increase this number over time. Villagers will be encouraged to store their waste in the waste storage facility. The stored waste may sit in the waste storage facility for a period of upto 3 days without compromising with the quality of the output that can be extracted from the waste. The waste will be collected from the waste storage facility from time to time and in return, village will receive monetary reward in the form of Rural Welfare Funds based on the calculations done by SwBIN reward calculator. The
reward will be used in development of village as a whole.


The ability to generate revenue greater than the current working models in the industry gives us the ability and responsibility to work for the betterment of the less fortunate people in the society, particularly associated with the waste management industry. The blockchain technology integrated in our system makes it completely transparent. It eliminates the possibility of funds not being distributed to the person/organisation it is intended to, which is definitely not the case with the existing traditional model, including of the governments throughout the world. We will engage in our philanthropic work in the following ways:

1. Of all the contributions received in our crowdsale, 0.3% of the total funds will be donated to various organisation. Their details will be updated on this page and the same can be verified on the blockchain.
2. A 1.5 % of the rewards distributed to the households will be allocated to Swachhcoin Foundation and will be used for philanthropic causes and covering day to day expenses of Swachhcoin Foundation
3. 4% of the tokens paid for advertisement on SwBIN will be allocated to Swachhcoin Foundation and will be used for philanthropic causes and covering day to day expenses of Swachhcoin Foundation.

Funding Goals

In order to build this platform and scale it to the planned level, as per our estimate, we do not require more than 18 Million USD. Hence, the hard cap for the token sale will be 18 Million USD. Also if we are not successful in raising 18 Million USD, we will still be efficiently able to launch this project by raising a minimum of 5 Million. Hence the soft cap for the token sale will be 5 Million USD. In case we do not reach our soft cap, board meeting will be organised to discuss if the project can be launched with the raised amount. If the raised amount is not enough to launch the project, all the contributions will be returned to the investors within a period of 7 days after the end of token sale.




My Thinking About The Project

Swachhcoin brands itself as a non-profit organization. They want to make the existing waste management industries efficient and capable of acting as a provider of service and developer of technology in this sphere. Not only does it intend to work with industries, but, they also plan to develop an ecosystem whereby they can influence the waste management habits of individuals on a mass scale.
Swachhcoin has said,
“Throughout the world, mankind is facing a massive problem of too much waste and scarcity of resources. The amount of waste being produced has kept on increasing over the years, and the trend is expected to continue aggressively. According to some estimates, annual global waste generation is expected to reach approximately 2.5 Billion Tonnes well before the year 2030.” 

“Different Promising Environment-Friendly Projects with a clear winner: Swachhcoin”

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