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ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely.

Using the ENDO protocol, you can create private and public Blockchain, configure levels of access to information, the conditions for data exchange between different organizations, and depersonalize and protect data.




Living with information

Throughout life, people accumulate large amounts of information about themselves: certificates of various kinds, diplomas, and accounts. This concerns not only personal data, but also commercial documents: delivery of cargo to warehouses, orders, contracts, agreements, as well as acts and declarations.

When we store important data on paper, the consequence of this becomes the fragility and rapid wear and tear of documents. In addition, documents can be tampered with, which leads to negative consequences. A common example: the forgery of diplomas to obtain the desired job function.

However, the traditional storage of documents is still the most common way of combining personal information and identification.

Importance of Verification

The rapid growth in the number of smartphones and other mobile devices has led to the fact that many of us work through the Internet. We are less likely to meet with clients face to face, and this requires the invention of new ways to verify their identity. In a highly competitive market, the ability to quickly and reliably verify and verify the identity of customers and partners is of great importance. Attracting new customers, along with the need to control the risk of fraud and maintain a stable level of operational efficiency is a difficult task.

Each new document opens up new opportunities: having received a fake diploma, one can claim a higher salary; having received the necessary signature, one can hide shortcomings in work. The higher the stakes, the stronger the desire to forge the document, which leads to violation of law, and results riots.

In addition, when you change or zero the document, the old version remains on hand. It can be used for its own purposes where there is no access to the database. For example, if you lose your rights, they remain in the hands of the driver. They can be traveled freely in other countries, because now there is no single database in the world.


The task of the ENDO ecosystem is to organize the storage and exchange of the data itself, and not just write the hashes to Blockchain. ENDO Protocol describes the format of encryption, exchange, ownership, access control to data. There are a number of external restrictions:

  1. Part of the data is a trade secret.
  2. It is necessary to delete data by its owner.
  3. According to the laws on personal data of different countries, you must obtain permission to store and process data.


Storage of data occurs both centralized and decentralized. The owner of the application produces the storage choice.

ENDO implements interfaces for connecting to storage of different types, so that connected applications have a greater choice for solving the problem of data storage.

Data can be stored:

  1. In centralized cloud – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.,
  2. In decentralized cloud – StorJ, IPFS, etc.
  3. On local / remote servers: connection via FTP, SSH, etc.
  4. On the nodes of the ENDO blockchain system in the decentralized storage based on IPFS.

Local storage allows you to deploy a completely private network within the enterprise. This guarantees protection from data leaks and the ability to exchange data between a limited range of agents.



Universities and educational institutions can give diplomas to graduates using Blockchain Technology. To get a job, recent graduate needs to collect and bring to the personnel department several documents to make sure that the documents are real and valid, which takes a long time. Moreover, this does not always work out.

With a diploma stored in the ENDO protocol, it is enough for the competitor to open the access to the personnel officer.


The banking sphere finds over 25 ways of using Blockchain Technology. Nine of world’s largest banks, including Barclays, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse, have already signed partnership agreements with Blockchain companies.

The ENDO Blockchain Protocol allows for:

  • Fast and safe transactions;
  • Tracking of credit history. This is done using a single synchronized access system, where changing the status of the loan is instantly displayed in the system;
  • Concluding of automated smart contracts.

In addition, the ENDO Blockchain Protocol supports FATCA and AML / KYC processes.


The market is growing, many new directions are opening up: car-sharing, online credit services, crypto-exchanges. All this becomes a fertile ground for hackers and other scammers. Increasingly, we are faced with the need to verify your identity online. On the one hand, some users do not know how to properly manage their data: to whom it can be sent, and whom it’s dangerous to do so. On the other hand, a photo with a passport can easily be faked.

The most relevant trend today, which supports all top-end cryptographic exchanges, is the creation of decentralized exchangers. The security of such sites will ensure not only the absence of a single control center, but also the advanced KYC procedure.

Document Flow

ENDO provides a solution for companies that will help to systematize and secure the workflow – a private, encrypted Blockchain, which only trusted persons can access. Documents can be synchronized in digital format and verified with the help of Blockchain. Request and get the act, contract and invoice can be in a very fast time. Employees of organizations will be freed from a huge amount of “red tape”, and the effectiveness of electronic document management will grow.

HR & Employment Records

ENDO creates a worldwide database of factual information about the history of candidates from the personnel department of organizations, acting as an extension of HR. ENDO will check and confirm information about newly hired employees to avoid, for example, providing an organization with fake university degrees.

Often, applicants exaggerate their services to employers or even mislead them regarding their previous work experience. And since information is recorded on paper, it is very difficult to verify its authenticity, and sometimes it is impossible. Therefore, companies have to waste time and money, hiring unsuitable candidates.

Medical Institutions

ENDO has a solution for medical organizations – a digital equivalent of a medical card, accessible only by the patient and the doctor. All records of the methods, test results and treatment history are updated and synchronized in real time and always available. They cannot be faked in order to write out a fake prescription or health certificate. In the case of an erroneous diagnosis and treatment, you can quickly find out who made a mistake.

Within a few seconds the doctor will be able to obtain information about the patient’s state of health. There is no need to take many new tests: the history of the disease will not be lost.

High-Value Goods

Every year, Rolex produces about a million watches. Each specimen receives a special certificate, issued by the Swiss Chronometer Test Institute. In addition, every year in the underground factories of Southeast Asia , another 40 million Rolex watches are produced. Such data for 2010 were published by the Swiss Customs Service. Pirates cause the brand significant damage – last year it amounted to 600 million dollars.

With the help of ENDO, it will be possible to distinguish the original from a counterfeit, and manufacturers will be able to track the way of each product to the customer.

Some more facts

  • 5 million driver’s licenses are bought in Russia annually
  • Up to 1 million counterfeit MTPL policies are sold annually
  • 13 million US Americans are living with forged passports
  • 3 million migrants in Australia work on fake documents
  • Up to 32% of US high school students have falsified identification documents for the illegal purchase of alcohol or cigarettes
  • According to international court statistics, however, the share of convicted persons for the forgery of documents of state sample does not exceed 10%

Subsystem Architecture

The ENDO Ecosystem Consists of 5 Interconnected Layers

Blockchain + Storages
Information is being stored in different repositories: Dropbox, Storj, Amazon, IPFS, FTP/SSH servers.

Defines the rules for the interaction of ecosystem layers.

Implements the decentralized logic of verification, data exchange and the token circulation.

Platform-based applications developed for users and businesses.

An open interface for creating applications and automating business logic.


EToken is an internal platform token. EToken is the only means of exchange that can be used to pay for checking data and exchanging data between users of the system.

Why do we need EToken?

  • Verification of data – the process of storing information on Block chain. The decentralized platform is supported by nodes, respectively, a token is needed to stimulate network members to maintain the system.
  • EToken is needed for data exchange between organizations – they set the cost of data exchange between each other.
  • Etoken can be used when receiving services or paying for goods related to the use of verified data.
  • EToken is used to vote for the development of the protocol and determine the economic parameters of the system.
  • EToken is used to stimulate developers who create applications on the open Block chain protocol of ENDO. The percentage of tokens from transactions through the application is awarded to the creator of said application.

ET Use-Cases

For Organizations

  • To verify data in a public Blockchain.
  • When exchanging verified data between organizations registered in the network.

For Users

  • The user can order a service from a provider or application on the network. Examples: pass the KYC procedure at a notary; translate the document by a professional translator.
  • When performing transactions between two network users: buying items in the store application.

In the future

In the future, if there is a lot of data, the user will be able to receive ET with the consent to share them with the companies. If we draw an analogy with the present time, Google would reward users for providing their data to advertising companies.
This will create a trusting relationship between ordinary people and corporations and will stimulate users to share their data without feeling deceived.
At the moment, information is a valuable asset. Companies earn millions on this, and ordinary Internet users do not get their share.

Token Rotation Scheme


Token info

Token —————————— ET
Platform ————————– EOS
Type ——————————– ERC20
Price in ICO ———————- 1 ET = 0.375 USD
Tokens for sale —————— 40,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment——————– 300 USD
Accepting—————————– BTC, ETH, LTC, FIAT
Distributed in ICO—————– 40%
Soft cap——————————- 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap—————————– 15,000,000 USD



ENDO is a set of subsystems that interact with each other to fulfill the set business objectives:

  • Increase the level of trust in important data.
  • Reduce the likelihood of counterfeiting data.
  • Ease of access to data.
  • Decentralized model of data access.
  • Flexible and convenient control of data exchange.
  • Create a standard ontology for different types of data for typing and simplifying the exchange.
  • Single source of data monetization.
  • Ability to control access to the user’s own data.
  • Ability to influence the preservation / deletion of user’s own data from companies.
  • Ability to monetize user’s own data.

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ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely.  All your personal, corporate and publicly available information about education, identity, medical records and the like – can be controlled through the ENDO Platform. The platform will provide protected access of your stored information to third parties of your choice.

 All applications of this system have one goal – to create a single secure and certified environment for all important data.

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